Marine Surveying Rate and Fee Schedule

Rate & Fee Schedule for 2012-2015
Southern CA and Honolulu, HI
Marina Placement Safety Survey (Inspection) $10.50/ft
Condition/Valuation Surveys for Purchase/Insurance
20ft to 39ft $16.50/ft ($250 Minimum)
40ft to 55ft $18.50/ft
55ft and Over $22.50/ft
Multi-Hull $22.50/ft
  • Plus Administration Fee
  • Telephone for special Yacht Club, Boat U.S. Membership Rates
  • No Milage Charges for Service in Channel Islands, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Honolulu
By Request, We Also Perform/Schedule Specialty Inspections
  • Ultrasonics (Hull Thickness Gauging)
  • Moisture Analysis (FRP, Cored Vessels, Wood)
  • Corrosion Analysis (On Board and/or Dock Side)
  • Dye Penetrant - Rigging Analysis
  • Fastening & Wood Analysis (Wood Vessels)
  • Special ASTM FRP & Composite Coupon Analysis (Damage Examinations)

(Ultra-sonics for steel, aluminum hulls/wood hull construction, corrosion analysis, moisture permeation for FRP, cored and wood construction analysis and repair evaluations requiring extra effort and time. Call for quote.)

  • Skipper (Sea Trial) - When we are not the Surveyor
  • We are USCG Licensed for Power/Sail/Towing
  • Sea Trial Eval. as Surveyor (Engines, Sails, etc. - 2 hrs)
  • Surveyor and Skipper (USCG Licensed - 2 hrs)
  • Rigging/Mast Survey (Aloft, On Stands or in Yard)
  • Bottom Survey - Diving