Marine Claims & Damage Investigation Rates & Fees

Damage Mitigation Services
Southern, CA and Honolulu HI
Investigate Damage/Injury Report/Salvage
(Cause of Loss Extensive Damage - w/Injury, w/Estimates)
See Hourly
Damage Surveys/Accident Investigations $125.00/hr
Technical Consulting $125.00/hr
Salvage & Wreck Removal Claims Service $175.00/hr
  • Portal to Portal - Additional for Photography, Administration, & Mileage (auto & air)
Expert Witness & Court Appearance
Direct Testimony - Qualified Expert Federal & State
(Two hour Minimum per day - Portal to Portal & Standby time added)
Research and Case/Claim Preparation
(Administrative, Photography, etc. Additional per Rate)
  • Special Laboratory ASTM Testing by Quote
  • Administrative fees include postage, copies, faxes, photos
Dispute Settlement Services

Dispute Mediation/Negotiation Services - Specializing in Insurance/Business/Boatyard/Broker/Partnership Disputes
(Two Hour Minimum)