Marine SurveyingOur services are approved by all without exception with the best “Service to Value“ ratios’ available. We specialize in evaluating endurance for coastal & long distance voyaging craft. Our surveyors perform marine surveys on fiberglass, fiberglass-composite, epoxy composite, FRP-core, wood, traditional, diagonal, cold mold, plywood, steel, aluminum and ferro cement vessels. Are you a member of  a special maritime group? Call for a Quote!

Vessels Surveyed Include:

All vessel marine surveys & appraisals for per-purchase & insurance, appraisals for tax assessment appeals, or donations.

  • Recreational Vessels & Commercial Vessels: Sail or Power Craft
    (Blue Water, Coastal Cruising, and Offshore Island)
  • Motor Yachts, Sedans, Convertiblees, Performance Trawlers and Sport Fishing Vessels:
    (Planing, Semi-Planing, Displacement, Semi Displacement, Tunnel Drives, Outboards, Inboards, Jet Drives)
  • Commercial Fishing Vessels:
    (Squid, Long Line, Gil Net, Bottom and Surface Trawls, Trapping, Trolling, and Gil Netting)
  • Commercial Towing and Rescue Vessels:
    (Vessel Assist, Boat US, Harbor Patrol, NPS, Tugs and Barges)
  • Herritage Vessels, Antique:
    (Hard to Find, Hard to Appraise Vessels)
  • Commercial “Subchapter T” Passenger Vessels:
    (Party Boats, Six Pac, Sail or Power, Mono Hull, Catamaran, Trimaran, Single and Multi-Chine)
  • Sailing Vessels and Motor Sailers:
    (Schooners, Sloops, Cutters, and Ketches Marconi and Gaff Headed, Fractional or Mastheaded Exotic, Modern, Contemporary/Traditional, Ancient Mariners Tall Ships)