Easy Rules for a Happy Crew and a Safe Voyage

  1. Sail BoatThink big, on the large scale. Be aware of your surroundings & weather changes and always remember, "One hand for the ship, one for yourself!"
  2. The master is the master once a decision is made. Follow it happily & with enthusiasm. “Enthusiasm is contagious!” If the 1st solution doesn't work try another with the masters OK. The master makes the final decision because he is responsible for the safe navigation & safety of the voyage. He always has the tough job - TRULY.
  3. Always think of your crew member, when below, always ask if he/she needs something, even when you are dog tired. Always. It gets tough but always offer. In conversation always listen first & always support your crewman, help him/her out.  The sea air can do funny things and helping your crew will help you.
  4. Wear your safety harness, always. Hook up, always! If you fall over the side you will be “Lost At Sea”. Preventing this calamity is your individual responsibility.
  5. Be on time for your watch, wake your relief crew gently 15 minutes ahead of his watch. If possible perform sail changes at the crew transition time. Don't forget to brief your relief, he then takes the help and cockpit support. Remember, you are awake, so you do the change and don't forget to wear your harness!
  6. On Watch be diligent as you alone are responsible for the safety of the vessel. Keep a sharp eye out for ships, debris and other hazards. Watch for the weather & sea changes. Advise t he skipper for possible collisions, sail changes & keep an eye on the navigation/engine instruments.  Be comfortable but do not sleep!
  7. Always conserve, always. At sea when you are our you are out. Especially water, electricity and propane. Remember, just one gallon of fresh water a day per person for cooking, laundry and drinking (plus bottled water as planned).
  8. Stove/Oven Meals are together. Check with the Captain/Cook about the menu. This conserves food, propane, water and wear & tear.
    1. Pantry - Immediate Access to Snack Foods for the Crew
    2. Store Locker - Weeks Food, Access for Cook
    3. Warehouse - Long Storage Accessed by the Master
    4. Rationed - No Access W/O Permission
    Always ration yourself, always. Keep the galley closed after dark except for hot water snacks.
  9. Clean, Clean, Clean, as much as possible.  Keep your area tidy. Keep a rag in your back pocket to keep the galley & cockpit tidy. Always secure loose items no matter whose they are.
  10. Clean the head (toilet) always after yourself, always. If everyone cleans it, every time, it is always clean for you.
  11. Know your emergency duties, if you aren't sure, ask and discuss it with your crew members. Have a detailed plan for each of the following emergencies:
    1. Man Overboard
    2. Taking on Water
    3. Collision
    4. Fire
    5. Heavy Weather
    6. Rigging Failure
  12. Use the bucket, you must thoroughly clean it, every time.
  13. No alcohol on watch, check with the master, there may be exceptions. If you smoke, go to the far leeward side and be courteous.
  14. The chart table, Captains locker and personal drawers are off limits except by arrangement. Respect each others space.
  15. Want to navigate & log logbook entries? Check with the master.
  16. Always create your own travel journal. Write, read & relax!
  17. Remember, you are loved, you are special and you are cared about. That is what this is all about. Above all, have fun!

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