American FlagAloha Boaters,

Hi I hope you find my web site informative and interesting. I have tried to give you all the information I can such that you make a wise choice when choosing your surveyor.

As many of you know, over the years I have had the opportunity to help hundreds of California and Hawaii sailors, boaters, fishermen and the like with their marine survey and safe boating needs. The relationships I have built have become very important to me. The boats from around the US mainland, Hawaii, New Zealand, Japan and China have each been remarkable.  Many are traditionally built, but many  have become “hybrid”, meaning combinations of composites  and  intriguingly intricate new designs, Because of my unique interest in boats, boats of all kinds, all propulsions and   designs I may be your best bet for a  marine surveyor.  Along these lines I successfully pioneered the Yachtsman’s Round Table Seminar’s which have been conducted here since 1987. The Series has been in Hawaii of late where we founded the Hawaii Yacht Clubs Cruising and Voyaging Society.  We just completed the annual Hawaii Hurricane and Tsunami preparedness seminar at the Waikiki Yacht Club. Guess we don’t need the hurricane seminar here.  Stand by though, our Tsunami lecture, with our NOAA meteorologist will be here soon. It is nothing less than exciting.

Business wise, most businesses spend the majority of their time mass-marketing the general public with big time yellow page advertisements, shiny brochures, radio, TV, internet ads and the like each looking-searching for new business; all this while spending little time actually helping their customers. They expect the telephone to ring. It doesn’t, and why should it?  I, endeavor the majority of my time educating my clients through survey attentiveness and free open house seminars. I invest time developing simple ways to resolve sometimes perplexing boat problems. I teach my clients how to inspect their own vessel. This creates an environment of collective community safety.  For our yard professionals, I demystify deficiencies such that even the pros can accomplish repairs in a smoother and inexpensive way. This saves my clients money; gain trust and see value in my services.  So why change from anything less than that of the one who has the passion for you and your vessels needs? Enter “Mid Pacific Marine Surveyors”.

In order to continue to accomplish my pelagic passion I need your help. Firstly, I am pleased to announce that “Skip” Riley, CMS, the original founder of Maritime Surveyors has returned to business.  I am now very pleased to announce “Mid-Pacific Marine Surveyors, LLC”.  This name, a new business, is much more descriptive of our service locations from Honolulu the center of the N. Pacific basin – “Mid Pacific, 19N x 157W” to Ventura and Channel Islands 34N x 130W.  Our mission statement remains the same 805. 223-0885…to continue to build life-long relationships and earn and remain your primary marine surveying resource.  Current and future friends are invited to a “talk-a-bout” at the Ventura West and Vintage Marinas, the date to be announced.

For those not familiar with my services; we give high value at most reasonable price. Our services are designed for your needs – not ours.  We remain Hawaii State approved for Hawaii Harbor inspections. We are also nationally recognized and certified for insurance or pre-purchase surveys, boating accident- equipment failure damage claims and general consulting. We are also the only Hawaii State approved surveyor “off island”.  If you’re considering a vessel in Hawaii – and why not – let me know. The chances are I have already viewed it and have good information about it.

For your referrals: I also truly recognize and understand that your personal referrals are the greatest compliment one could ever receive. For this, I thank you…

I pledge I will serve each of your referrals with the same knowledgeable enthusiasm and expertise I will serve you…

Let’s go to work!

Capt. Skip Riley, CMS