“A Vernal Passage Crossing Hemispheres, Tahiti Bound”

SailingOur vernal passage across the equator began a winters before in the dreary musty confines of our good ship.  Our passage, at least leg one would be destined to  be  considered complete only when one of the two great circles in our celestial sphere; having at its plane a perpendicular to the axis of heaven, where the ecliptic plane our planet makes around the sun intersects the vernal (spring) equinoctial. This occurred for us on March 21, 2012 as the sun transited O degrees latitude/the equator.  Our planned course of SSE, Honolulu to Tahiti would converge with our own equinoctial plane as the transit of the sun would move North and our transit of the earth moved South. When would this occur? And at what Latitude?  This would be the holy grail of LEG ONE of our voyage. Not unlike our Polynesian predecessors emerging with Darwinian hypothesis, our search and our treasure would lay in the convergence of nature, humanity and spirituality. Our honor and crown would be the accomplishment of a “Pono”, or “balanced” voyage.

SailorsWho Are We?

  • Sailors are a group of friendly adventurers who enjoy self sufficiency and freedom…
  • Sailors seek independent self sufficient life styles…
  • Sailors endeavor to live off the societal grid; Sailors were green before green was popular!
  • Sailors sail always with an eye on the horizon, distant lands, far and near.
  • Sailing people seek unobtrusive contact with cultures a different, without impacting them… Sailors leave only their footprints and a part of their hearts on distant beaches…

American FlagAloha Boaters,

Hi I hope you find my web site informative and interesting. I have tried to give you all the information I can such that you make a wise choice when choosing your surveyor.

As many of you know, over the years I have had the opportunity to help hundreds of California and Hawaii sailors, boaters, fishermen and the like with their marine survey and safe boating needs. The relationships I have built have become very important to me. The boats from around the US mainland, Hawaii, New Zealand, Japan and China have each been remarkable.  Many are traditionally built, but many  have become “hybrid”, meaning combinations of composites  and  intriguingly intricate new designs, Because of my unique interest in boats, boats of all kinds, all propulsions and   designs I may be your best bet for a  marine surveyor.  Along these lines I successfully pioneered the Yachtsman’s Round Table Seminar’s which have been conducted here since 1987. The Series has been in Hawaii of late where we founded the Hawaii Yacht Clubs Cruising and Voyaging Society.  We just completed the annual Hawaii Hurricane and Tsunami preparedness seminar at the Waikiki Yacht Club. Guess we don’t need the hurricane seminar here.  Stand by though, our Tsunami lecture, with our NOAA meteorologist will be here soon. It is nothing less than exciting.

Easy Rules for a Happy Crew and a Safe Voyage

  1. Sail BoatThink big, on the large scale. Be aware of your surroundings & weather changes and always remember, "One hand for the ship, one for yourself!"
  2. The master is the master once a decision is made. Follow it happily & with enthusiasm. “Enthusiasm is contagious!” If the 1st solution doesn't work try another with the masters OK. The master makes the final decision because he is responsible for the safe navigation & safety of the voyage. He always has the tough job - TRULY.
  3. Always think of your crew member, when below, always ask if he/she needs something, even when you are dog tired. Always. It gets tough but always offer. In conversation always listen first & always support your crewman, help him/her out.  The sea air can do funny things and helping your crew will help you.